Voicemail Videos


Voicemail videos or video voicemails are video you send to a prospective customer instead of leaving them a phone voicemail. These videos are fantastic at the bottom of the sales funnel and can help foster a more personal connection.

Funnel Stage(s)

Decision Stage


Low Cost

Distribution Channels


Production Considerations

Voicemail videos are easy to produce with a webcam and screencasting software. There are even many free or low-cost browser-based screen recorders on the market.

Something to consider would be creating a basic template for all video voicemails so they follow the same format and have a consistent look.

Optimization Considerations

Voicemail videos are sent directly to a prospective customer usually via email. The videos themselves can be optimized for clickthrough so that your prospective customer takes that next desired action (schedule a call, download a whitepaper, etc.)

Promotion Considerations

Voicemail videos are made for an audience of one, so no major promotional push is necessary; However, using an email friendly video delivery system like Wistia can help make sure your intended recipient views your video.

Examples of Voicemail Videos

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