Update Videos


Update videos provide product or company updates in video form. They are generally released on a monthly or quarterly basis and can be accompanied by a more detailed blog post or article. While generally most useful in the retention stage of the sales funnel, update videos can also influence potential customers in the decision stage since they tend to showcase new features.

Funnel Stage(s)

Decision Stage
Retention Stage


Medium Cost
High Cost

Distribution Channels


Production Considerations

From a production standpoint, update videos can be created in-house or externally and may feature live action, screenshares, presentations, or animations depending on time and budget.

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Optimization Considerations

Update videos don't typically see much traffic from search engines, so focus less on keyword research and more on driving viewers to watch other videos or click on a link.

To drive traffic back to your website you can use the following features:

  • YouTube Description
  • YouTube Cards
  • YouTube End Screens
  • Wistia Timeline Actions

Promotion Considerations

Update videos are meant to be seen by existing customers, so focus on using your website, email, and even retargeting campaigns if you're feeling fancy.

Examples of Update Videos

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