Testimonial Videos

Testimonial Videos


Testimonial videos showcase customers, clients, or partners raving about your products or services. They typically reside in the decision stage of the sales funnel as they can help tip prospective customers over the line and into customer territory. 

Funnel Stage(s)

Decision Stage
Retention Stage


Low Cost
Medium Cost
High Cost

Distribution Channels


Production Considerations

From a production standpoint testimonial videos can be created in-house or externally and may feature live action, presentations, or animations depending on time and budget.

Testimonial video can be as simple as a smartphone video of a happy customer, or you can take a more high production/ narrative approach and create a customer story video. 

Optimization Considerations

Potential customers may be searching for "your company name + testimonials", so including this in your video's title will make sure you have coverage there. 

Another effective tactic is to optimize for the problem you've solved for your happy customer. These video titles take the form of "How {customer} solved {problem} using {product}.

Promotion Considerations

The key places to promote testimonal videos would be your website, email list, and social media platforms. You can also target potential customers in the consideration/decision phases with YouTube TrueView or Facebook video ads. You can learn more about creating these kind of campaigns here.

Examples of Testimonial Videos

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