Pre-Roll Video

Pre-roll Videos


Pre-roll videos are made to play before a viewer watches another video. They are typically 15 or 30 seconds long for use on a wide range of publisher platforms, but they can be longer when running a YouTube TrueView campaign.

Pre-roll videos are fantastic in the awareness and consideration stages, and because they're so short they don't have to be expensive to produce.

Funnel Stage(s)

Awareness Stage
Consideration Stage


Medium Cost
High Cost

Distribution Channels


Production Considerations

Pre-roll videos are typically produced externally, but they can be produced in-house if you have a savvy video team. 

One way to get the most bang for your pre-roll buck is to create multiple versions of the same pre-roll video with different calls to action so you can find the one that converts the highest. Already have a pre-roll video? Take advantage of our editing services to create multiple versions of a video without breaking the bank.

Optimization Considerations

Pre-roll videos don't typically see much traffic from search engines, so focus less on keyword research and more on driving viewers to watch other videos or click on a link.

To drive traffic back to your website you can use the following features:

  • YouTube Description
  • YouTube Cards
  • YouTube End Screens

Promotion Considerations

A well structured YouTube Trueview campaign can get your pre-roll video in front of the right viewers at the right time.

Examples of Pre-roll Videos

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