Interview Video

Interview Videos


Interview videos showcase your employees and subject matter experts answering questions. They work well in the consideration and decision phases of the sales funnel since they help build trust and show expertise in your industry.

Funnel Stage(s)

Consideration Stage
Decision Stage


Low Cost
Medium Cost
High Cost

Distribution Channels


Production Considerations

From a production standpoint they can be created in-house or externally and generally feature a medium or closeup shot of a talking head. The location can vary from an in office studio, a work space, or even the conference floor of an event. 

Optimization Considerations

Interview videos are generally optimized for the speaker or topic/question being discussed. If you're interviewing a well known thought leader you may consider cutting the interview down to optimize for specific questions.

Promotion Considerations

Interview videos are typically promoted via social media since you can tag the individual being interviewed. They may also be shared in email newsletters or be given a spot on your company's blog.

Examples of Interview Videos

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