Educational Videos

Educational Videos


Educational videos teach viewers about your industry or product. They are the swiss army knife of your video marketing strategy because they can be useful in every stage of your sales funnel, they don't require a large budget, and they can drive views for years if done correctly.

Funnel Stage(s)

Awareness Stage
Consideration Stage
Decision Stage
Retention Stage


Low Cost
Medium Cost
High Cost

Distribution Channels


Production Considerations

From a production standpoint educational videos can be created in-house or externally and may feature live action, screenshares, presentations, or animations depending on time and budget.

Optimization Considerations

Educational videos can align perfectly with what your customers are already searching for. Spend time on video keyword research as you plan your educational video plan and utilize advanced optimized techniques in your video's title, description, tags, and captions to drive views for years.

Promotion Considerations

Educational video don't require a large paid promotion push, but it can be helpful to gain initial traction on high volume or competitive keywords. Other places to promote educational videos include your company's website, mailing list, and social media channels.

Examples of Educational Videos

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