Watch me build a video campaign from the ground up.

Join in on the adventure and pick up new tips, tools, and strategies you can apply to your business.

Watch me do it first, then go do it better.

I've learned a lot of tricks in my 10 years in business, and this is an opportunity to put them to use from scratch.

This is not a get rich quick thing. It's a build a strategy, execute, and optimize it thing.

At the end of this season we'll have a multi-video campaign driving viewers and sales. And you'll have seen every step of the process to get there. If you work along with me, you may even beat me there!

Get an "over the shoulder" view of the entire process.


I'll map out the videos I'll be creating and the technology working behind the scenes.


Watch me make and optimize 3-5 videos for my campaign. 


Here's where we build out our promotion campaign and start spending some money.

Okay, that sounds good, but will this really work for me

Here's why I think you should come along for the ride.


Apply the tactics directly to your business.

The campaign I'll be building can be easily modified to work in any industry I can think of. 


See the platforms as they are.

As I walk through each step you'll see each and every tool as they work and look today. Not a 2 year old course with a different UI or broken, old strategies. 

Even seasoned pros will enjoy the walkthrough.


Learn from my mistakes.

Not everything in my campaign will work right away, but it will eventually. After watching me get things working, you'll be confident that you could do it better. And I believe you will!


What my students say

Ryan Evans -

VIDISEO taught us how to get our videos in front of the right people and create content that gets people to take action.

Kimberlee Stephens - GMC

This guy knows his stuff and he's really fun to work with.

Joel Aguero - Developer / Designer

Professional, knowledgeable, and well done.

What You'll Get When You Join Today

Get in on the ground floor as new live sessions begin and are added to the course. Interact live or in the comments section to apply any lesson to your business. 

Are you a course creator by chance?

If you are marketing a course or even thinking about creating a course, this campaign I'll be building is perfect for kickstarting sales and driving new students back to your school.

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​Money Back Guarantee


​You are fully protected by our 30 day money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, for any reason at all, simply contact us within 30 days of purchase and our helpful support staff will promptly issue a refund.



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