Video marketing can seem like an overwhelming, expensive endeavor for your business, but it doesn’t have to be.

Below you’ll find five projects I complete with my consulting clients. Pick any one, follow the instructions, and see immediate results for your business.


Create a Content Strategy

It’s never been easier to create a video, but that doesn’t mean your business should jump in without a strategy.

Put your business through my content prism, and walk away with a video strategy you can implement today.

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Audit a YouTube Channel

Run your channel and your competitors through my channel audit process and uncover quick win opportunities, insights, low hanging fruit, and possibly fruit on the ground (watch out for bees!).

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Create a Marketing Video

Create a short (under a minute) video to use in a video marketing campaign. I’ll show you the tricks and tools I use to create videos quickly and cheaply.

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Tap Into Your Influencers

Create a list of influencers in your industry so you can reach out and collaborate later.

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Launch A Video Ad Campaign

Leverage the power of Facebook & YouTube video ads to reach interested customers.

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