Running low on video inspiration? Browse through this mega list of video ideas

Make an Intro Video

Sum up your company, blog, or YouTube channel in a short introduction video. You can use it on your homepage or you can create a custom featured video for your YouTube channel. You can even test out multiple intro videos to see which one works best for you and your business. Unlike first impressions, you can always make new intro videos.

Create a Thank You Video

Thank you videos aren’t just for Alanis Morissette and Dido anymore! If you have a thank you page on your website somewhere, consider making a thank you video and putting it there. You’re welcome!

Interview Your Employees

Sure you interviewed your employees before you hired them (right?), well why not interview them now that they work for you. You probably have cool employees and they’d probably make for some cool videos as well.

Create Testimonial Videos

Do you have customers or clients that are a big fan of your work or products? Why not ask them to come in and film a testimonial video? You could even ask customers to send you some webcam testimonials and edit them together for your website or YouTube channel.

Interview Yourself

Pretend your in an Apple product launch video and start answering questions while looking slightly to the right of the camera. Or film yourself, wait 20 years, and then interview yourself:

Create Video FAQs

Popular 80’s comedian Sinbad said it best when he said, “People be askin questions!” Why not answer those questions with videos? People be searchin for answers on YouTube all the time.

Do a Product Demonstration

Product demos can be very powerful sales tools, which would explain why I own a SlapChop.

Give a Video Tour

Could be a tour of your office, your workspace, your city, or even your website (using screencasting software). This is a great opportunity to connect with your viewers and practice some new video editing techniques. Don’t just run around with your camera Blair Witch style (unless your office is indeed haunted, then go right ahead).

Respond to Another Video

Find a video related to your industry and think of some interesting or creative ways you could respond with another video. Viewers appreciate quality video responses and you may open up collaboration opportunities with the video’s creator.

Create a Video Quiz

Use a combination of YouTube Annotations and Unlisted Videos and create an interactive video quiz. Perfect for the end of an educational video!

Turn a Presentation into a Video

Have an awesome PowerPoint presentation laying around? Turn it into a video! Use your screencasting software to record your slides and add your own audio narration. I did this with my presentation on YouTube watch time and now it ranks #1 for “YouTube Watch Time”!

YouTube Watch Time

Create a Careers Video

Regular job listings are boring and typically use language that no normal person uses (like synergy). Consider making a video that showcases your business’s personality for your careers page. Here is a link to Facebook’s career video for some inspiration.

Cover Industry News

Covering news events in your industry can help gain additional search engine exposure and viewers. Just make sure to incorporate your own personality and point of view. If people dig your personality or presentation style, they’ll watch your videos even if they’ve already heard the news your sharing.

Make a Parody Video

Try to find a clever way to take a popular video or trend and make it relevant for your business or niche. Would you ever think a video about studying in a library would get over 3 million views? Well, when you advertise your library Old Spice style anything is possible.

Make a Tutorial Video

Videos can be an amazing educational tools because viewers can play, pause, and re-watch them whenever they want (evergreen content, anyone?). I actually taught myself how to create tutorial videos by watching tutorial videos. How meta is that?

Create a Photo Slideshow

Grab some royalty free music and try to tell a story using only photos. Perfect for a recent trip, charity event, or holiday party and a great way to practice your editing technique.

Make a Timelapse Video

Point your camera at your desk, office, or out your window and capture your day or more in super fast motion. Better yet, make a time lapse video for a large project for maximum effect. Check out this 30 story building built in 15 days in 6 minutes.

Create a Video Contest

Many of your customers, readers, or fans could have video skills you weren’t aware of. A good old fashioned video contest can help bring this talent to the forefront. Just make sure you’ve got a great premise, an even better prize, and solid promotion strategy.

Make a Public Service Announcement

It doesn’t have to be something serious. Are their common issues in your industry that you could tackle with a humorous PSA? Check out this PSA on Vertical Video Syndrome to give you an idea of what I’m talking about.

Make a Video Ad

You know those ads that appear before you watch a YouTube video? Well, they work and you should make one. It isn’t that expensive to buy some True View pre-roll space on YouTube to help grow your channel.

At VIDISEO we can create and manage your campaign for you.

Make a List Video

Well, look who’s reading a list post right now.

Lip Sync Dance Video

Don’t just stand there. Bust a move! Check out this Dad for inspiration:

Film a Challenge Video

Nothing gets your audience fired up like a challenge video. Can your CEO handle the heat of a Ghost Pepper? How many tablespoons of cinnamon can your marketing manager eat in 60 seconds? Or try combining challenges with other more practical videos. Can you answer frequently asked questions while drinking a gallon of milk in under a minute?

Film your Food

You can take this however you want. You could film your lunch every day for a month or even turn various food items into lovable characters (it worked for annoying orange). Can you use food in your office or workspace to explain your business or a complex process? You may think I’m loosing my mind, but even Google has hit up the grocery store for props:

Film Yourself Dancing

Dance like nobodies watching, and get views like they are. Not sure how it will help your business, but I bet it’ll be hilarious.

Review Something

I give this idea 5 out of 4 stars, because it just that good.

Put Something Together

It could be a work of art or an Ikea bookshelf. I guarantee someone will find it interesting or useful. Seriously, could someone please make a video on putting together an Ikea EXPEDIT Shelving Unit! I think I’m missing a piece.

Make a Screencast Video

Screencasts are easy to make and don’t require you to be in front of the camera. You don’t even need a camera! So pick up some screen casting software and make a video in your underwear. You don’t even need underwear!

Take a Stance on an Issue

Do you think that recycling should be illegal or that marijuana should be mandatory at water parks? Make a video about it!

Make a Prank Video

Is your office or home filled with April fools? Film those fools and grab some views for your YouTube channel. Here’s an office prank within an office prank (inception prank) to give you some ideas:

Blooper Videos

People love it when you screw up your line and laugh at yourself. People also love Jimmy Fallon. Coincidence? I think not.

Behind the Scenes Videos

Behind the scenes videos are great for increasing views and engagement without having to film anything new. When Dermablend showed how well they could cover up tattoos they got about 11 million views. They also released a behind the scenes video showing how they did it and got an additional 7 million views. Do something cool and people will always want to know how you did it.

Explainer Videos

Explain how a complex process or system works in an easy to understand way. Common Craft has built an entire business around explaining things with video. Check out their Social Media in Plain English video for some inspiration:

Dictionary Videos

Are there words or acronyms in your industry that people might not know? Make a short video for each one you can think of and you’ll be able to link to these videos on your website or in your other videos.

Special Effect Videos

Teach yourself a new special effect technique and either make a video about that or see how you can incorporate your new effect in another video.

Music Videos

You might not know it from watching MTV, but people still love music videos; They just watch them on YouTube now.

Respond to Viewer Comments

Look through your video comments to see if there are any questions or issues that you could respond to with a video.

Holiday Videos

Holidays show up consistently every year, so if you can make a good holiday video you may have viewers show up consistently every year as well!

Special Event or Tent Pole Videos

Think about any big events that occur each year for your business or niche and think about related videos you could create. For example, if your channel is about movies you’ll probably want to create videos about the Academy Awards, the Golden Globes, and the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards (or as I call them, ‘Lil Oscars’).

Get Inspired by stock footage

Need an idea for a new video? Why not spend some time looking through royalty free music and stock video. You’ll be surprised at how many ideas you can come up with based on a single piece of music alone.

Stock images and videos can be a huge time saver as well as a creative jumping off point. Why spend hours creating something that already exists? Go shopping for digital ingredients and see what you can cook up!

Freestyle Rap

It worked for the SEO Rapper!

Make a Haul Video

Film the items you bought from your favorite store. For a little inspiration check out this Yankee Candle haul video. If you own your own storefront, try thinking about how you could encourage customers or fans to create haul videos from your store.

Make a Collaboration Video

Two YouTubers are often better than one since you can share ideas and audience.

Make a Secret Video

Hide a video in another video using an annotation and invite your audience to find it. Just upload your secret video as unlisted, and you’re ready to have some fun.

Remake an Old Video

Odds are you have an outdated or old looking video lying around your website or YouTube channel. Why not update it and see if you can outperform the old version.