Create a Video Ad Campaign in less than a week

Even if you don’t have any videos yet


What is a SpeedRun?

In video game terms a speedrun is a game played with the intention of completing it as fast as possible within one’s own ability.

In this video marketing SpeedRun course I’ll run you through what you need to create an effective video marketing campaign and help you breeze past common obstacles that get in the way.


What You’ll Learn

This FREE course consists of 4 short, info-packed lessons that guide you to an end goal.
That goal is to have a video ad campaign ready for your business.

Here are the lessons you’ll receive

Video Marketing Secret

Lesson 1

Learn the simple secret to effective video marketing campaigns and choose a goal to focus on.

Video Marketing Secret

Lesson 2

These two videos are all you need to get started AND you may already have them.

Video Marketing Secret

Lesson 3

Use this process to make effective videos on the cheap.

Video Promotion Magic

Lesson 4

An affordable promotion plan that works like magic. You’re going to love my tiny video funnel.

So, what’s stopping you?

Grab the controls

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