YouTube and Video Optimization at SES Chicago 2009

I attended the YouTube and Video Optimization session at SES Chicago yesterday and wanted to share my notes with the rest of the video marketing community. The presentation was given by Greg Jarboe of SEO-PR fame and covered all the basics of video optimization including:

click to enlarge notes

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  • Obligatory Video Facts
    • video is huge
    • people love video
    • etc.
      • Three Basic Steps
        1. Get Discovered
          • Basic Video SEO
          • Video Responses
          • YouTube Suggest
          • YouTube Keyword Tool
          • Annotations
          • Embedding
          • Captions
        2. Create Compelling Video
          • people don’t watch and share CRAP
        3. Get Shared
          • Promote Your Video
          • Get Attention of Opinion Leaders
      • Questions & Answers

      I was most interested in the data from Tubemogul on how video is discovered and how the majority of videos are discovered through video sites (like YouTube, Vimeo, etc.) and Blogs (embedded videos) and NOT search engines like Google and Bing (or even video search engines like Google Video). So if your video strategy doesn’t involve YouTube in some way, enjoy your 6% :

      image from TubeMogul video discovery report

      image from TubeMogul video discovery report

      Overall I thought the session was fun and informative, but if you have any specific questions or comments please leave them in the comments section and I’ll be sure to respond promptly.

      Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to head back to the conference and load up on free pens for the year. :)

Matt BallekYouTube and Video Optimization at SES Chicago 2009
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