Top YouTube Search Terms

Hitwise recently released the top 20 search terms on YouTube for December 2008. Let’s take a peek, shall we?
Lil Wayne on YouTube

  1. lil wayne
  2. twilight
  3. beyonce
  4. single ladies
  5. soulja boy
  6. cris brown
  7. fred
  8. taylor swift
  9. britney spears
  10. love story
  11. family guy
  12. akon
  13. hannah montana
  14. jonas brothers
  15. akon na na na
  16. jesse mccartney how do you sleep
  17. womanizer
  18. beyonce single ladies
  19. heartless
  20. hot n cold

I’m noticing a bit of a trend. Looks like music searches dominated the top 20 in December of 2008 with Family Guy and the supposedly funny, high-pitched tween, Fred also making the list.

What does this mean for marketers? You need to start pushing for more product placement inside music videos , become a pop star, or create a dance craze if you want to break into the top 20 on YouTube. Thankfully there are other options.

Hypnotic Weightlifting PokemonHitwise notes that there are other, more promising terms for advertisers further down the list like, “hypnosis”, “pokemon”, and “bodybuilding”. I’m not sure what they mean by promising, but I have a feeling my hypnotic, weight lifting pokemon music video has a shot at going viral !

Matt BallekTop YouTube Search Terms
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