Blinkx Just Got Cooler

The video search engine, Blinkx, just got a whole lot cooler with the addition of a new viewing experience. Taking a cue from the aliens behind, Blinkx now offers an easy way to sit back, relax, and feast your looking balls on preselected video content in a fashion that replicates the TV viewing experience.

Blinks is Cool Again

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You now have three options right on the home page: ‘inform me’, ‘entertain me’, and ‘give me’ (which involves creating your own channel). I was in the mood for entertainment, so I clicked on “entertain me” and was greeted with a large centered video box surrounded by non-interruptive darkness:

Blinkx Entertainment Channel

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Automatically selected videos began playing one after another with controls to play/pause, watch the next video, or watch the previous video. Since I chose entertainment, I was greeted with videos of rare talent, people getting hilariously injured, and cats doing silly shit:

Cats are Silly

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The entire experieice was enjoyable and reminded me of a video version of stumbleupon set on autopilot. I could see myself using this to discover new videos, or simply be entertained/informed while eating lunch or dinner at the computer. The only feature I missed was the ability to save, bookmark, or share the videos that I found particularly interesting (like that cat who tries to open his own food jar).

Either way, I suggest you start caring about and check out this fun new feature. In fact, I’m surprised YouTube hasn’t tried something like this yet. Your thoughts ?

Matt BallekBlinkx Just Got Cooler
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